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immagine Monopoli reflects the typical cuisine of the area , or the Apulian cooking .
Pugliese cooking is mainly characterized by the prominence given to the raw material , both land and sea , and the fact that all the ingredients are precisely designed to enhance and not to alter the basic flavors of the products used . Therefore you will find all the vegetables of the season, from the top of the cabbage turnip green, thistle , with peppers , aubergines , artichokes , all legumes , beans lentils and beans to cicerchie , and all sea products , in particular the Adriatic , the latter have a particular characteristic that sets them apart as a result of the particular pasture which is found along its coasts , and the pools of fresh water that are discharged into the sea , and which are used to soften the salty , but not to alter the scent . There are many recipes that presents this kitchen, which then has a characteristic that distinguishes them from the other , offer different dishes according to the different seasons , so that during the warmer seasons , ie in spring and summer , preference is given to vegetables and fish , while in the other predominate legumes, homemade pasta topped with various sauces , alone or combined with vegetables or fish. immagine The most typical dish image is that of “Orecchiette with ragout of horse meat” , whose recipe is now widespread in all the recipes , but they aren't less known the “Orecchiette alle cime di rapa”, the “cicoria con la purea di fave”, and those that connect the area to the Mediterranean , such as “Cavatelli con le cozze” or baked rice , Bari also called potatoes, rice and mussels.
The cheeses are Apulian food versatile and tasty.
It is also characteristic flavor of certain cheeses such as:
  • il cacioricotta, from chopping on pasta or to add to the ragout ;
  • la ricotta forte, spread on bread or on a toasted bread;
  • mozzarelle,burrata e il Canestrato Pugliese,, from delicate taste for appetizers or light meals in between..

  • As for the meats, the Apulian cuisine offers various specialties definitely tasty :
  • Bombette - are the meat rolls in size small (3-5 cm), prepared with slices of beef stuffed with chunks of cheese together with local ham or , in some cases, mixed meat minced and spiced (sausage) . These rolls are usually cooked on the grill and served as such or as a filling for sandwiches
  • immagine
  • Brasciole - are the meat rolls of medium-large (10-15 cm), prepared with slices of horse ( or calf , contrary to the traditional recipe ) stuffed with bacon and cheese. In the tradition of Bari is used to prepare this dish on holidays , cooking them in a ragout with which to serve the equally traditional orecchiette .
  • Salsiccia - is a sausage made of meat. It is usually produced by filling a natural pork casing ( budellozza ) or mutton ( sausage or, in vulgar language, sausage ) with a mixture of lean meat (shoulder) and fat (bacon ) , diced (or chopped ) and mix with salt . Added to the mixture so obtained is usually wine (mostly red) and other spices, which may be pepper, red pepper , coriander, fennel , nutmeg , even sugar (dextrose , sucrose ) .

  • Coming here you will also enjoy the many typical sweets of the place:
  • Cartellate - Preparation is composing tapes of a thin layer of pastry , made with flour , olive oil and white wine , united and wrapped on itself to form a sort of "pink" choreographed with openings and cavities , which will then be fried in plenty of oil . There are many variations , but the recipe is typical regional one that sees them soaked in lukewarm cooked wine or honey , and then covered with cinnamon , powdered sugar or almonds. The vincotto is a condiment derived from wort boiling coming from Salento Negroamaro and Malvasia grapes or figs . Other variants see them with chocolate instead of cooked wine , or simply the icing sugar . Once prepared are kept in large pans , away from light and indoors;
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  • Zeppole - are part of the Apulian pastries and is present throughout the year , with increased production in the period of the feast of St. Joseph, March 19 . The donut dough is first prepared with water, lard, salt, flour, lemon rind and eggs , fried or baked and decorated with pastry cream and chocolate cream , or two or three cherries in syrup
  • Scarcella - It's a sweet prepared substantially in the Easter period . Has the shape of a wheel . This is covered in white frosting upon which are perched small eggs in chocolate for decoration or simply beads silver or multicolored. The round shape of the sweet in question has its roots in the distant past . It is believed that the round shape has a bearing on your luck, also , the scarcella is a cake that symbolizes the birth of a new life.Which is also transmitted the tradition of scarcella decorated with simple boiled egg or even hand-painted eggs by housewives themselves as if to demonstrate an artistic bent of the past now lost. The preparation and baking of scarcelle takes place during Holy Week or even during the week preceding the week in question. It's a sweet scent which pervaded and pervade the houses and the streets during Easter week mainly because of the use of ammonia . Also very popular is the use of lemon zest in order to give the flavor scarcella a more flavored.

  • In addition there is a wide selection of wines, from national to those produced in the territory .


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